Build a Non-profit Website that Works [Steal These Ideas!]

nonprofit websiteBuilding a non-profit website might be the most intimidating aspect of launching an organization.

It’s the digital face of your organization and where many people interact with you for the first time.

The experience people have on your non-profit website will influence what they think about you and if they think they can trust you.

That means that what your website looks like and how easy it is to use can impact someone’s decision to give.

In fact, some people check out your site first before they decide whether or not to donate, just to see if you’re legit.

That’s a lot of pressure on you to have a good website!

Your website must look professional and be easy to navigate. You can’t just throw some text on a page and call it done.

Building a donor-friendly website is a complex job – part marketing and part technical.

But it’s really not hard, thanks to some great tools available on the market and the tips I’m about to give you. 😉

And, like all marketing materials, if you know who your organization is—if your organization has clarity of mission—it’s just a matter of figuring out how to show the world what you’re all about.

Here is your guide for creating a non-profit website that brings interested people into your world, tells them what your organization is all about, invites them to be part of the work by making a donation, and then thanks them for doing so.