Healthy Teeth Look Good at Any Age

It’s vital to take top-notch care of your teeth and gums no matter how old you are. But as with the rest of your frame elements, age can take a toll on them. Due to natural put on and tear, senior residents need to pay extra interest on their oral fitness.

At the office of Dr. Panos Dental Esthetics, our professional professionals are professionals at treating sufferers of all ages. We provide all of our sufferers with remedies to preserve high-quality oral health. Your care and luxury are our top priorities.

Older adults have to reveal those dental issues.

Tooth decay

Even babies can get cavities, but seniors are specifically in danger because decades of use weakens teeth tooth, which promotes cavities.

Gum ailment

At the same time, gum recession leaves root surfaces at risk of decay. Left untreated, the decay infects the tissues and bones that encircle the tooth. It begins as gingivitis (swollen, purple, or bleeding gums) and progresses to periodontitis (receded gums and worn away bone). Still left untreated, the tooth may loosen or fall out. About 66 percent of adults who are 65 and older have gum sickness. And here’s a stressful statistic from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: 34 percent of Americans 65 and older have misplaced six or greater tooth to gum disorder and tooth decay.

Dry mouth

Reduced saliva manufacturing, specific medicinal drugs, or certain chronic situations can result in dry mouth, which increases the hazard of cavities. Talk to Dr. Panos for methods to replenish moisture in your mouth and your health practitioner to discover a medication or dosage that won’t dry up your saliva.

Oral cancer

It’s constantly extra treatable when found in its early levels earlier than it’s had a danger of metastasizing. Pain isn’t a common early symptom, so everyday dental checkups are vital.

Your Teeth via the Numbers

Everyone is aware of approximate enamel, but now not all of us know all there may be to recognize approximately their choppers. One cause is that there are many aspects to our pearly whites, from child teeth (technically known as number one enamel) to permanent enamel.

We at the Office of Dr. Panos Dental Esthetics are oral healthcare specialists and apprehend “all things dental.” In emphasizing the importance of preventive dental care, we’re committed to helping every affected person revel in the benefits of a healthy and exquisite smile. We offer complete software of preventive care designed to guard your tooth and decrease your hazard of dental ailment.

Your 20 primary teeth are in the region for a long time 2½ and 3. Between the long time of 6 and 12, the primary enamel starts to fall out to make manner for the permanent set of enamel. Most adults have 32 permanent enamel.

Teeth are versatile in their names and uses.

Central incisors and lateral incisors are the eight at the front (4 on top, 4 on bottom) of your mouth. Their jobs are to slice and cube meals into attainable sizes.

Four cuspids (aka canines) flank the incisors. They grip and tear food.

Four premolars (aka bicuspids, because they have got points) are next to the canine and are permanent teeth. Their job is to weigh down what you consume. Small bits of food are less difficult to digest than larger portions.

Eight molars are also used for chewing and grinding.

The four-third molars are known as awareness teeth and may want to be extracted because they’re impacting or crowding the relaxation of your enamel.

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