3 Tips for Fundraising in 2022

To make the most of fundraising in 2022, nonprofits have strived to connect with their donors, and have noticed the importance of mid-level donors, in particular. While many nonprofits focus the bulk of their relationship-building efforts on major donors, continually engaging your mid-level donors can lead to a stable source of fundraising that will only increase in value over time. 

Your mid-level donors are reliable, providing substantial donations on an annual or monthly basis. Their consistency in both regularly donating and making a significant contribution signals that they are invested in your cause and may be interested in engaging even further. Here are three ways you connect with them:

1. Virtual Fundraisers

You can connect with more of your mid-level donors by reaching out to them online through virtual fundraising opportunities. Try running online fundraisers such as:

  • Giving Tuesday campaigns. Giving days, such as Giving Tuesday, create an incentive to give fast before time runs out. This sense of urgency can build excitement, encouraging your mid-level donors to chip in a little extra than they normally do. 
  • Online auctions. Your donors can support your nonprofit and receive tangible items in exchange via online auctions. Plus, when an auction is online, your supporters can get updates on their auction items immediately, driving more bids and more support. 
  • Virtual 5Ks. Some events translate well to digital, such as sporting events. Events like 5Ks can be moved online by having your participants record and report their individual results. 

These fundraisers allow everyone to participate, regardless of their physical location or ability to travel, making them more accessible to all of your mid-level donors. Don’t forget to thank them for participating! 

2. Peer-to-Peer Campaigns

Peer-to-peer campaigns leverage your volunteers’ networks to bring in new supporters. Your mid-level donors can take part in your peer-to-peer campaign as fundraisers, giving them an opportunity to share your cause with their friends and family, or as donors, allowing them to support their loved ones who are fundraising on your behalf. 

To run an effective peer-to-peer campaign, provide your fundraisers with the tools to create unique donation pages that give them the space to share their personal stories. This can help deepen their connection with your cause, and also encourage more support as donors are giving specifically to a person they know and care for.  

3. Sharing Donor Impact

Charitable giving statistics surveys have shown that 61% of donors choose which nonprofits to give to primarily based on how well the nonprofit uses their contributions. You can prove to your mid-level donors that your nonprofit is making the most of their gifts by sharing their impact. 

There are several ways to communicate impact to donors, such as through sharing statistics and data. However, numbers alone can be difficult for your donors to visualize. Instead, you can add meaning to your statistics through examples. 

For instance, while donors will be happy to know their contributions increased your total revenue by 20% over last year, they’ll be happier to know that that 20% increase led to 50 more low-income families receiving support. 


Each of your mid-level donors is unique, but most of them will be happy to connect with your nonprofit in new and exciting ways. Make sure your engagement opportunities are accessible, and don’t hesitate to thank donors and explain why their gifts matter. 

Written by Jacob Spencer, Customer Success and Account Manager at Donately. Connect with Jacob on LinkedIn.