4 Ideas for Incorporating Text to Give in Your Fundraiser

text to give

Text-to-give is a powerful donation tool that offers donors a way to easily give to their favorite nonprofits right from their phones. Text-to-give tools streamline the donation process and can even encourage donors to give more (and more frequently!). With the right text-to-give platform, your nonprofit will be able to quickly access any funds donated. And that means you can start using those funds almost as soon as they’re donated to help your organization reach its goals.

There are many ways you can use text-to-give to improve your fundraising strategy. Consider incorporating these tactics to maximize support for your nonprofit:

  • Select a Text-to-Give Provider
  • Use Text-to-Give in Fundraising Events
  • Incorporate Text-to-Give in Ambassador Fundraising
  • Market Your Nonprofit with Text-to-Give

Before we dive into these tips, let’s do a quick review of how text-to-give works.