6 Steps for Finding Corporate Sponsors for Your Next Fundraising Event

Corporate sponsors are the best way to add lots of money to the bottom line of your fundraising event.

It’s simple really: The more sponsors you have, the more money you’ll net.

You’ll also gain credibility as you promote your event because the names of the businesses supporting you brings validity.

Having sponsors means the difference in an event that generates mediocre results and one that blows past your goals.

Unfortunately, most small nonprofits aren’t good at getting sponsors. They either

  • Don’t have a well-thought-out sponsor invitation
  • Don’t start early enough to seek out sponsors
  • Don’t approach the right businesses

The good news is that it’s all fixable. ANY small nonprofit can build up sponsors for their event. It might take a little time and a lot of effort, but it’s doable.

Let’s explore what makes a good sponsor and where to find them.