Best makeup brushes for beginners to recommend

Do you have any brushes that are suitable for beginners? Many beginners to makeup apply their makeup by hand or using the included brush. This results in a messy and unnatural look.

Although foundations and concealers can be used, the flaws remain. Eyeshadow color blocks can be seen as obvious, smudged, and rough and do not have anything to do with delicacy. These problems are often caused by mistakes in makeup application techniques and tools. We will show you seven makeup brushes that are good for beginners. Continue reading to learn more.

How many makeup brushes should a beginner have? There are many kinds of makeup brushes available on the market. A complete set could include as many as several dozen. Many brushes can be purchased by makeup beginners and then forgotten about because they don’t know how or where to use them.

* Face: Blush and loose powder brushes
The blush brush and loose powder brushes are the most common facial makeup brushes for beginners. Why is there no foundation brush? The foundation brush can be very effective after painting but it is difficult to apply unevenly and patchily for beginners with low skill levels. Use the beauty sponge daily to apply primer. It is easy, fast, and smooth!

Although most loose powder comes with a puff, it is not recommended to use one for setting makeup. Powder jamming can occur because the puff doesn’t evenly distribute the powder.

To set makeup, we can use a loose powder brush that has been dipped in the powder. Choose soft, fluffy animal hair and a good grip powder. The brush head should also be large so that it’s easy to apply makeup.

A blush brush is a great option for beginners. It will enhance the person’s overall complexion. The blush brush will also look more natural than the blush applied to the hand.

A blush brush with an oblique angle curved shape is recommended. This allows for more coverage of color and can be used to finish the look.

Eyes: Three types of eyeshadow brushes
What are the best makeup brushes for beginners? The highlight of any look is the eye makeup. Therefore, it’s important to have a lot of brushes for delicate eye makeup.

We need at least three basic brushes for beginners: the color spreading brush (medium-sized eyeshadow brush), the detail coloring brush (smaller eyeshadow brush), as well as the eyeshadow smudging and smudging brushes.

1. Eyeshadow brush medium
A small brush is best for beginners. You will be able to apply the color with a medium-sized eyeshadow brush, which will allow you to control the smudging.

2. Brush for small eyeshadows
It is also important to have a small eyeshadow brush. This should be flat-tongue-shaped and have dense bristles that allow for better control over smudging. This is used to color the area around the eyes, such as the tail and head of the eye, and to draw eyeliner using eyeshadow.

3. Brush for eyeshadow smudge
A brush with long, fluffy bristles is essential to blur the eyeshadow and make the transition to the hard edge more natural.

* Additional details: concealer brush and brow brush
The above brushes will do the trick if you don’t have any eyebrow powder or facial blemishes. You will need to prepare a concealer and eyebrow brushes if you have small blemishes.

The flat-headed concealer brush is extremely useful and can be used for large blemishes like dark circles at the front. It can also be used to cover lines and tear troughs on the sides. This brush is a must-have for girls with blemished skin.

For outlining your eyebrows, a flat, angled brow brush is the best! It can be used to stroke small areas and it also works well.

* To close the point
The makeup brushes can make a huge difference in how you apply your makeup. Makeup can only be flawless and effective if you use the correct tools and know how to apply them.

It is not necessary that you buy a complete set of makeup brushes for beginners. Instead, prepare some essential brushes and then purchase other styles to suit your needs.