EVERFI From Blackbaud Rolls Out Impactful Products and Platform Updates

Blackbaud, a provider of software for powering social impact, announced that EVERFI from Blackbaud has launched several innovative content programs and platform improvements during the first quarter of 2023. Content updates include new resources for increasing financial capability in K-12 schools, enabling the company’s strategic partners to drive direct impact in communities.

“Providing high-quality educational content for teachers, students, end users, and our customers is always our top priority,” said Tom Davidson, CEO and Founder, EVERFI from Blackbaud. “The hard work of our product and engineering teams to constantly be moving the needle on how we continue to progress and drive product and platform innovations and improvements is an instrumental part of our success. In addition to these content and platform updates, we are excited for what’s coming down the pike later this year to provide increased real-time visibility into impact for strategic partners working to achieve their social impact goals.”

Some of the new K-12 content includes:

  • Accounting Careers: Limitless Opportunities. Launched in January and sponsored by the Center for Audit Quality, this two-module course shows high school students how an accounting background can help them achieve career goals. Learners are exposed to the wide range of careers available in the accounting and finance space. The program empowers students of all backgrounds to pursue their professional and personal goals with accounting.
  • SmartEconomics. Sponsored by the MassMutual Foundation, this new middle school course went live in January. The program teaches students about the three core components of economics, individual and government roles in the economy, and buying and selling through a story-based narrative. The curriculum empowers middle school students to analyze the economy and identify the factors that impact the price of consumer goods. SmartEconomics was designed to further the impact and reach of the FutureSmart financial literacy program, particularly in states with middle school economics standards.

In addition to these new content offerings, EVERFI released several platform innovations.

  • Updates to EVERFI’s K-12 platform are designed to streamline teacher registration and make course content more accessible to students. Improvements to the K-12 platform include making it easier for teachers to bookmark pages and share specific links throughout the teacher dashboard; modernizing the appearance of course and class cards to improve the way information is displayed to be more intuitive; and inspired by feedback from educators, language on the course cards has been updated to ease confusion and allow teachers to add a course to multiple class cohorts at once.
  • Updates to the EVERFI consumer platform include the addition of a search button on the Playlist, Content Player, and Library pages. The first iteration of this functionality will use keywords in the titles and descriptions of program content and allows searches within any translated languages within the platform. Additionally, the platform team developed an incentive widget to be installed on the Learner Dashboard that showcases all active incentives for a program and allows learners to see their progress toward completion in one convenient place.

Source: Blackbaud

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