Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 2/17/23 – Nonprofit Law Blog

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Tweets of the Week.

Notable Events of the Week:

  • “The White House said Monday that the Biden administration has not yet determined who owns the three high-altitude objects shot down over a three-day span — one in Alaska, another in Canada, and another over Lake Huron.” Washington Post
  • “Teen girls across the United States are “engulfed in a growing wave of violence and trauma,” according to federal researchers who released data Monday showing increases in rape and sexual violence, as well as record levels of feeling sad or hopeless.” Washington Post
  • “Three students were killed and five others remain in critical condition. The gunman, who killed himself, had no apparent connection to the university, officials said, but was carrying a note threatening schools in New Jersey.” NY Times

Top 10 Nonprofit Tweets:

  • Chronicle of Philanthropy: How did charities do in the 2022 year-end fundraising? Data is mixed, with some charities performing well, and others pulling in less as donors face economic pressures. Early Data Shows Mixed Bag for 2022 Year-End Fundraising
  • Cheshire Law Group: A recent report by @GivingUSA states that giving by millennials has increased by 40% since 2016. Millennials reported the most volunteer hours and their average total donations in 2022 is only 2nd to that of boomers which dropped by 12%. Philanthropy News Digest
  • Jeffrey Bradarch: Well done overview of some of the most important trends in philanthropy – some encouraging & some discouraging! TY @jeffraikes @triciaraikes @SFGillis for your leadership, esp on issues of equity. In Tumult, Opportunity: Our Hopes (and Fears) for the Future of Giving
  • For Purpose Law Group: New Guidance for Charity Boards
  • Tony Martignetti: Let’s Address the Real Reason Great Fundraisers Are in Short Supply – @Philanthropy
  • Alice Hom: 12 Ways CEOs And Companies Fail Chief Diversity Officers
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: See what else @shawnginwright has to say in his article, “Rest: A Middle Finger to Oppression, a Road Map to Justice”:
  • Harvard Business Review: To reduce stress in your professional life, diagnose problems with efficiency to find solutions. How Small Stresses Snowball
  • Rhodri Davies: Scammers using Tiktok,AI generated images & crypto donations wallets to defraud people wanting to give to help victims of earthquakes in Turkey & Syria. Predictable, but depressing, example of risks of increasingly unmediated, unregulated online giving: Scammers profit from Turkey-Syria earthquake
  • Jeffrey M. Berry: Money isn’t everything in lobbying and, clearly, environmental groups punch above their weight. But for the record, big energy trade groups have outspent environmentalists by a ratio of 27-1 #energy #environnment #BigOil #greenwashing The Conversation

Equity and Justice:

Why There Was No Racial Reckoning (Wesley Lowery, The Atlantic)

But there was no Great Reckoning in American policing. No sweeping act of atonement. No radical reordering. Not even, at scale, the “reimagining” championed by the moderates. In many cases, reactionary backlash has outpaced the changes that prompted it. Society’s moral vacuum had been laid open before us. Rather than plug it, the most powerful among us watched as we were sucked further into the abyss.

MRIs show stress from poverty, racism may alter brain development of Black children, study says (Justin Gamble, CNNWire)

Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes Had to Disprove a Misconception (Jemele Hill, The Atlantic)

After ‘losing my life’ caring for a sick partner, a professor examines the U.S. caregiver crisis (Isabella Cueto, Stat)

High-level Celebration of the International Decade of Indigenous Languages

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