Pledge Fundraising for 2022: Ideas and Insights

pledge fundraisingDid you know that 84% of fundraising pledges are fulfilled and that the average mobile donation pledge for fundraising events is $167? These are only a few of the statistics that show how effective pledge fundraising can be for nonprofits.

Because it can often be easier to get donors to commit to a pledge than to complete a donation, pledges can really help you increase fundraising when done right. To help you maximize the efficacy of your pledge fundraisers in 2022, we’re going to cover:

1. What is pledge fundraising?
2. How can I use pledge fundraising in 2022?
3. What type of pledge fundraisers should I try?

Whether you’re running a simple pledge campaign or combining it with a fun virtual or in-person fundraiser, pledge campaigns can work for any nonprofit organization. If you’re ready to see how they can help you raise more, let’s dive in.