The Whisky Glass Guide

If you’re a Whisky drinker you must have seen this wonderful beverage being served in all types of Glasses. Chances are that you probably have own favorite type of Glass in which you best enjoy your favorite Malt. If you’re like me, you are probably also a bit curious to whether if you should be using a particular type of Glass for your type of Blend or Single Malt. Well, we’re here to help. Let me first share the good news.. It’s actually not THAT complicated, as there really only are a few types of Glasses that really affect the experience of the drink itself.



The Rock



Rock Whisky Glass


Let’s start with the most common, as well as the most confusing. The Rock. This type and shape of glass is the most common with most type of design variations. This is Glass that you will most probably have in your home, and is the one that is served in most restaurants. It is a very versatile design, and has been made so that you can enjoy your drink neat, on the rocks, or even with some club soda. Designers very often like to introduce different designs of this type to add some excitement to this segment as it is the most popular segment of the Whiskey Glass. Almost all of our personalized Whiskey Glasses belong to this segment. Apart from the design, these glasses often vary in size, girth and weight. One of the most common requirements of this glass is the weight, as heavier glasses feel better in the hand especially if the Blend or Single Malt is being enjoyed neat. Lighter glasses can be used if you commonly enjoy your drink on the rocks, completely topped with ice. These glasses are also often referred to as Tumblers, Low Ball Glasses or the Old Fashioned Glass.


The Glencairn


The Glencairn Whiskey Glass


This is a short glass with a solid base and a bowl that has been design to fully release the aroma of single malts. This is commonly known as the Taster’s glass, and is usually preferred by the aficionados that really enjoy their Whiskies. The shape of this Glass allows to properly swirl the liquid inside as well. According to Wikipedia, this glass came into production in 2001. It was developed by Glencairn Crystal Ltd, Scotland with the help of master blenders from 5 of the largest whisky companies in Scotland. The capacity of the Glass is 175ml, and it is designed to hold approximately 50ml of Whiskey. Although many companies such as Riedel manufacture this glass, however the one made by Glencairn is the first one to be endorsed by the Scotch Whisky Association, and is used almost exclusively by all Whisky companies in Scotland and Ireland.


The Copita (nosing)

The Copita Whisky Nosing Glass


This is a Tulip-shaped glass that historically was used by the Spaniards to taste Sherry. LIke the Glencairn this style of glass is used commonly by Tasters and blenders all over the world for Whisky as aid in releasing the aroma of the Whiskey. The main difference between this style and the Glencairn is that this style has stem similar to the Wine glass which aids in keeping away smells from the drinker’s hand and add to the purity of the Whiskey experience. This glass can also be easily cradled by the hand so as to add warmth to the drink if required.


The Snifter

The Snifter Whisky Glass


You may have seen this glass being used in many movies where the characters are seen sitting in a Gentlemans Club room with a cigar in hand. Traditionally used for spirits such as Brandy this glass is increasing being used for enjoying Whiskey. Comfortable to hold, this glass is well suited for Whiskey however, please do note that the wide bowl combined with narrow nose lends itself for a higher aroma of the ethanol from the spirit. That said, similar to the Copita this is a good glass to own at home as it can be used for several different spirits.


High Ball

The Highball Cocktail Glass


This type of glass is a great option if you enjoy your Whiskies in cocktails as opposed to neat or on the rocks. Whisky sours, and countless other cocktails can be enjoyed in this Glass. Furthermore, this is the most common type of Glass that is used for all types of Cocktail combinations. This style is a must-have in your Bar at home.



The NEAT Whisky Glass


The newest kid on the block! The name may sound a bit odd, but is it claimed to be a wonderful choice of glass to enjoy Whiskey. The name NEAT actually stands for Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology. It was a result of a mistake in a Glass factory, and after further testing they found out that it was shaped perfectly to filter and force out the harsh ethanol vapors out the lip opening whilst leaving the pure tasting whisky in the tumbler. A definite style to try if you really enjoy the individual aromas in your Whiskies.