Top Fundraising Articles of 2021

It’s been a long year in so many ways, but before it’s done, let’s take a look at the top fundraising articles of the year.

These fundraising articles have been popular ones that our readers have loved and I wanted to gather them together for you in case you missed any of them earlier this year.

Our mission is to provide you with practical ideas that you can use right away. So, we pack as much goodness as we can into our fundraising articles, bulleting out information so it’s easy to follow and easy to use. (Someone called me the “Queen of Bullets” recently and I took that as a compliment!)

Catch these info-packed fundraising articles now if you missed them, or re-read them to see if there’s more you can glean.

1. What Should You Say to Get People to Donate? If you want to reach your fundraising goals and engage your donors in giving, your words matter. Don’t rush through an Ask just so you can mark it off your list. Take the time to think about what you’re asking and who you’re approaching, then plan what you want to say using powerful words.

2. 5 Places to Find Grants for Your Nonprofit for FREE! Knowing where to find grants is critical if you want money to pay for programs and projects. Being strategic about research makes all the difference in the world. Knowing where to look and what you’re looking for will minimize wasted time and maximize the number of best matches for your nonprofit.

3. The 10 Roles and Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Board of Directors. When everyone understands exactly what’s expected of them, your organization will operate much more smoothly. Plus, it feels better having everyone on the same page for moving forward. If you want to see your exciting vision for the future come true, get your Board trained so they understand and embrace their roles and responsibilities.

4. 12 Ideas for Virtual Fundraisers and Online Events. Embrace the idea of a virtual event and create the best one you can for your organization. If it’s your first time to host such an event, consider it your baseline and realize that there is no way to fail. Don’t compare the results to an in-person event, as a virtual event is its own unique type of fundraiser. There is a lot of opportunity to have fun, engage supporters, and make money!

5. Grab This Fundraising Plan Template for New Nonprofits. You need a fundraising plan built on the right fundraising plan template — one that outlines goals, actions, and the specific results you want. Use this template to get started on your Nonprofit’s Fundraising Plan.

6. How to Raise Funds for a New Nonprofit. With careful planning, the right message, and a lot of effort, you can build a big, loyal donor base of people who want your organization to fulfill its mission and will give almost every time you ask.

7. Five Things You Should Never Write in a Thank You Letter. Sending the strongest, power-packed thank you letter you can will close the loop on every gift in a positive way, setting the stage for a future gift. Thank you letters give you a chance to write again and again the two powerful and beautiful words: thank you.

8. Understanding Why People Give (hint: it’s not what you think!) There are deep seated reasons why people give and most humans share these traits. Having some understanding of why people give helps you figure out how to ask them to contribute to your cause and that will ultimately help you raise more money.

9. How to Create Your New Nonprofit’s First Budget. Your nonprofit’s first budget is a critical tool for both planning purposes and managing finances as the organization grows. Spend the time to put some thought into creating a budget for your new nonprofit.

10. The BEST Way to Find New Donors for Your Nonprofit. A big, loyal donor base gives you sustainable support for your nonprofit. After all, the more people you have giving, the more money you can raise, the more buzz you can create, and the more good you can do.

Which one of our fundraising articles was your favorite? Comment below and let us know!